Mexican Until Death Does Me Apart

Anaisa Sanchez, Riverside, CA. Ever since I was a little girl, my mom made sure I knew about all the Mexican Traditions within our culture. Of course growing up Mexican you always listen to everything your respectful elders comment on. However, as I’ve gotten older, I question everything that crosses my path. For example, there […]

I am black and a target

Chris Porter, Seattle, WA. It is hard for me to think about living in a country where my life seems to have little value. It is hard to think about living in a country that is the envy of so many around the world and yet I am not part of that envy. It is […]

Death of the West, sunsetting superpower.

Jay San Fransisco, CA I don’t get all this lets celebrate diversity stuff and the browning of America. Fact is, most areas with the demographics that are the future of America have high crime rates, high school drop out rates, mostly single parent families that are on public assistance, etc… etc… why would white America […]