None of us can define equality

Kennedy, KS. I truly think each person’s definition of equality would vary from one another in any given circumstance depending on their bias. We all know it means that everyone should be treated equally but it’s hardly represented. It’s honestly almost impossible for things to be equal. It goes along with the whole “life’s not […]

Is my color who I am?

Lora-Ellen McKinney, Renton, WA. I am not my color, though I am in some ways what my color represents in America. I am, by this definition, an African American first because this what people see. I also identify with African American history, culture, family structure and faith practices. But alone in my house where I […]

“White” isn’t a definition or race

Anonymous Des Moines, IA Drake University Asians get offended when you cannot tell exactly which ethnicity they are, and yet it is fine/appropriate to call us “white”? “White” is not a definition, and it is definitely not a race. If I am racist for calling every Asian I see Chinese, then everyone else is racist […]