We are one human family

Maeve, Ypsilanti, MI. I grew up in an international school where we celebrated each other’s differences. It was a rude awakening to grow up and learn that this is not the way it works in the real world. We are one human family, with a fascinating variety of cultures. We need to step out of […]

Refuse to follow the racial constructs.

Racquel Picou, New Orleans, LA. Aspen X To me race is just a social and political construct that is very binding. A reason for humans to hate each other’s differences and to create these unwarranted and detestable battles for superiority. I’ve been forced before to just tick a single box in standardized test that says […]

Differences never change but opinions do

Molly W., Denver, CO. I am a 6th grade teacher and my class has been reading Fire From the Rock about the integration of Central High School in Little Rock in 1957. This six-word story was written by one of my students in response to our reading. http://www.scholastic.com/teachers/book/fire-rock

Willing to LISTEN, not only hear.

Rochelle Fritsch WI The country’s history and current tension around race and ethnicity create a pull in which some of us need to talk about it, while others of us are so afraid, ashamed and uncomfortable that we only HEAR the concerns of others rather than listening, reflecting and perhaps even learning from them. Some […]

Why must our differences be wrong?

Sarah Whitlock Indianapolis, IN It is so frustrating to be around people who are discriminatory. I am tired of having to worry about offending someone because I make a comment that mentions their race or ethnicity. Such a comment is not a problem specifically because it is potentially negative, but because it mentions their race. […]

When I dream, we are one!

Booker Evans, Minot, ND. Essentially people are the same except for a few percent DNA….most differences and responses to those perceived differences are manufactured. Perhaps by ignorance and lack of insight into the human condition.

Not White! I will choose Purple!

Jeanne L, Little Falls, MN. I don’t care if you are white, black, brown, yellow, red, purple or green we all bleed the same color, we all breath the same air, we all look up at the same sky. So why must we focus so much on our differences instead of focusing on our similarities.

If embraced will enrich our lives

Nicole Kaufmann, Newton, NJ. Why ignore race and try to say that color doesn’t matter when it should. Only when we acknowledge and embrace one another’s differences will we our own close-mindedness be broadened and enriched.

I don’t want to be racist.

Johnny Boyd Blue Springs, MO. Sometimes I catch myself thinking things about people, or making judgements, based on their race or appearance. I know it’s wrong, but I learned to see differences at an early age.

Father, Husband, Soldier, Taxpayer, Voter, Mentor.

M. Peek Fitzgerald, Harrisburg, PA. In my 53 years of life I feel that I must carry something like this every time I leave my home. This is not the America I fought for. Not the America that I have to explain differences to my children. I’m an American too and I feel like a […]

Curious about differences and common ground

Holly Simons Eugene, OR Since I was very young, I’ve been curious about people’s experiences, lives, ideas, and hopes. It’s what inspires me to travel, read, and continue to learn throughout my life. I’m drawn to find common ground with people who are dramatically different from me. And this old truth guides me: the more […]

Too mixed too choose just one!

Tess Escoto, Citrus Heights, CA. My roots are in Texas and Mexico. While some may look at me and say that I appear to be Latina, often they aren’t sure. My father’s last name is of Italian origin and my grandmother and grandfather (paternal) both had blue eyes and black curly hair. My mother’s family […]

Ideally our differences should create opportunities

Jason Meneely Gainesville, FL Celebrate diversity. If we were all the same life would be boring indeed. I find my life greatly enriched by knowing and understanding people who are different than me. The only thing I wish we all had in common was an open mind -for that is where fear transforms into opportunity.

Crossed the street to avoid them.

Chris Sherman St. Louis, MO I’m a Caucasian male, who was brought up in a fairly tolerant household, and learned to be accepting of diversity & difference, yet still have subtle race prejudices that are hard to shed. I know in my heart, it’s more a matter of pigment and culture, than anything, but still, […]

Race’s implications are real, must change.

Taine Stoll Ann Arbor, MI Understanding Race Project, University of Michigna As a scientist, I know that there is no biological proof to our perceived differences in race. However, coming from a multicultural family, I have personally witnessed the differences that skin tone can have on your interactions and ways you are treated. I hope […]

Celebrate Differences; Encourage Inclusiveness by Example.

Katie Pethan Ann Arbor, MI Understanding Race Project- University of Michigan When we are able respect and understand the diverse cultural, economic, gender, age, ability, and racial experiences in the US and around the world, we will become more able to decrease discrimination and thereby increase our effectiveness. This is the core meaning behind, “United […]

Encouraging ignorant questions promotes understanding difference.

Zak Forde Morris, MN I do not mean to use “ignorant,” in the overused negatively-charged sense, but rather in the abstracted dictionary definition of the term, i.e. “lacking knowledge or information as to a particular subject or fact” (dictionary.com). Those who do not understand may want to, but may not know how to ask the […]

Search out similarities instead of differences

Patrick S. Perkins ID Submitted via: NPR’s Talk of the Nation This is an interesting program and it made me recall an experience with my 4 year old in a grocery store. There was a man of east Indian descent in line behind us and my daughter kept looking at him and looking back at […]

Justice for all, tempered by mercy.

John Birmingham, AL Until race is not an issue we will never have Justice. Fear keeps us apart. We make the fear by noticing the differences and not similarities. We can only expect Justice when we see only wrongs to be made right, not the color of the perpetrator or the victim..