My mixed kids have it differently

George Washington III. Submitted via Twitter:  @GWIII #theracecardproject George’s story was featured in NPR’s Morning Edition. Listen here,

We perceive race issues so differently.

Kim Baldridge, Austin, TX. I’m always shocked at how differently we seem to see race issues along color lines. When I see whites say “NO I wasn’t a slave owner, but transgenerational hurt and missed opportunity does mean something. ” I may have hope that race issues will be resolved. It seems like America is […]

I treat blacks differently, with empathy

Liz Nardi Bend, OR I am not the friendliest person, often don’t answer the question “How are you?” when asked by clerks, but if the clerk is black, I am always friendly. I do not want the person to feel slighted, that I was acting out of racism.