We perceive race issues so differently.

Kim Baldridge, Austin, TX. I’m always shocked at how differently we seem to see race issues along color lines. When I see whites say “NO I wasn’t a slave owner, but transgenerational hurt and missed opportunity does mean something. ” I may have hope that race issues will be resolved. It seems like America is […]

I treat blacks differently, with empathy

Liz Nardi Bend, OR I am not the friendliest person, often don’t answer the question “How are you?” when asked by clerks, but if the clerk is black, I am always friendly. I do not want the person to feel slighted, that I was acting out of racism.

My mixed kids have it differently

George Washington III. Submitted via Twitter:  @GWIII #theracecardproject George’s story was featured in NPR’s Morning Edition. Listen here, http://www.npr.org/2013/04/02/175292625/when-youre-mixed-race-just-one-box-is-not-enough