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A divisive dividing line against commonality…

Anonymous, Summerdale, AL. To fully understand the reasons why race is such a hot button topic in my opinion,is that one must look at the historical basis that set the foundation for the racial discord in this country and beyond its shores.We will never be able to get beyond race until we are truly able […]

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Teacher of black youth, ancestors slaverholders

Ernie Lee Savannah, GA Struggling with my whiteness and my student’s blackness until we connect. I am a good teacher and after a while I don’t color just students who want to learn. It is more of a socio-economic divide, but I will never know what it means to be black as my students will […]

Still a long way to go.

Bruce Mannheim Ann Arbor, MI Understanding Race Project- University of Michigan I divide my time between two countries, the United States and Peru. Both have long histories of (very different forms of) racism. In both, there are public rhetorics full of good intentions. But the micro-injuries of everyday racism–death by a thousand small cuts–pervade both, […]