Does my white mom hate me?

Michelle Martinez Tempe, AZ As a mixed child of divorced parents, a White mom and Mexican dad, I overheard a lot of racist talk in my mother’s family. Even though I never heard her say anything, she never disagreed, either. She sat quietly through it, not promoting it, yet not speaking against it. I often […]

Racist because my skin is white?

Cynthia Fine, Spokane, WA. Living in a part of the country that is predominately white I’ll confess to racial ignorance or naivety, but does that make me racist? As a divorced woman with children who qualified for free hot lunch my life hasn’t felt like one of privilege.

Are you adopted or something?

Brenna Angel Lexington, KY Question I was asked as a child by kids in my apartment building. My mom (white) and dad (Mexican) are divorced so the kids didn’t know why my mom would be raising a little brown-skinned girl.