I am glad they fear me.

Ernest Leon Tyree Jr Dravosburg, PA After spending 12 years in the military I learned a lot about fear and the power it holds. One the most powerful motivators is fear which is unfortunate, that being said the person who holds the power has a great responsibility to know that people fear them and to […]

I do this for our U.S.A.

Roger Tuomisto, Minneapolis, MN. Time line – 1969. Location – Natchez Ms. Purpose – aid in educating Black Americans of their voting rights and shuttling them to the city/county voting registrars. I was part of a mixed group of white/black U of M students, whose purpose was to educate students on campus about their voting […]

How can I not be Racist?

Mary Leslie Tappahannock, VA I’m not racist, I don’t want to kill or torment people because they aren’t white like me. My mother taught me not to use the “N” word. But that isn’t a complete truth about racism. My mother taught me not to use that word by yelling at me to Never Ever […]