Black? Educated? What is that?

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Renee Reives Lorton, VA Sometimes I feel stuck. I’m black and educated. I feel like a unicorn based on what so many people perceive and say about black people. I am expected by black people to endure a “struggle” I was not born into. Even misinformed white people that think they are helping feel the [...]

Sons. Educated. Childless. Lawful. Doesn’t matter?

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Robin Crawford Mitchellville, MD I fret and worry daily about all 3 of my sons, despite the fact all are grown men. They are college educated (and graduated), have no criminal records or children out of wedlock, work everyday and are well spoken. Yet at the end of the day, people see BLACK and minimize [...]

Educated man people see only black

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Jason Adams Wichita, KS I have fought to educated myself so I could raise my family into the middle class but at every job I applied for I did not get the job. My name helps me get into the door but as soon as I walk in the door their eyes get big and [...]

Am I Black Enough For You?

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Katherine Barrax Sherman, TX I grew up in a house with parents who both went to college. I was reading before I entered kindergarten, and I was always corrected when I spoke incorrect English. So my entire life people have said “you sound white” or “you’re not really black” because I speak like an educated [...]

I’m educated; doesn’t mean I’m white.

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Adja Toure Annandale, VA Not a day goes by without at least one schoolmate telling me I’m white. But only on half of these occasions do I defend myself. My parents are not American, so my upbringing is quite different than that of other black students I am acquainted with. As an advanced student, I [...]

Little Latina girl learns to accommodate.

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Aracely Coronado Philadelphia, PA As a Latina born in San Francisco, CA, educated with wealthy white kids, I learned to navigate their world, it was easy; learn their ways, be like them to get ahead. That’s what I was taught. My family provided the real culture, the language, the authentic Latina-ness in my blood. But [...]

Mexican and yes, I’m highly educated.

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Gabriela Bonilla Palmdale, CA Both my parents were born in Mexicali, Mexico and migrated to the USA for great opportunities. I was born into a blended family and had a total of four sisters and two brothers. Growing up in a home with several sisters, my sisters and myself were stereotyped that we would live [...]

My race does not mean ignorance.

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Gaby Gonzalez Mineola, NY People tend to immediately decide I’m not educated simply because I’m Hispanic. Race does not equal ignorance nor does it equal intelligence. Your intelligence is based on so many things, the color of your skin has nothing to do with it.

Educated. Black strangers scare me still.

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Samantha Murphey Submitted via: Scarlett called Scout Read more about this essay: The Race Card Project Trent and I talk and read about race a lot. Atlanta is a minority majority city with a complicated history of racial tensions and triumphs that bleed into the present. Alone, moving here might have been enough to [...]

Hillbilly White Trash? I’m Oxford educated.

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C. B WV I grew up poor in a rural West Virginia. My race, the way I talk and where I’m from immediately make people assume I’m illiterate, uneducated, and deeply racist without ever actually talking to me. The irony… I get so angry at how common and acceptable it is to use Hee-Haw accents [...]