I think I am becoming racist

A., USA. I work in an area with a lot of Hispanic or Latino immigrants from different places. I have not had many good experiences with them. For awhile I just tried to excuse their behavior as not knowing or understanding the cultural differences but it’s getting harder. Before I continue, yes I know there […]

It’s ok, my friend is black.

Christine Leanne Garcia, Corona, CA. I have heard people use this excuse countless times. No, it’s not ok. The fact is that racism is real, and very hurtful. It doesn’t matter if you’ve never experienced or witnessed it firsthand. Racism is real, and harmless comments can be extremely hurtful or offensive. Comedy: use with caution. […]

Stop using RACE as an excuse.

Renee Chapman, Colbert, WA. I have seen race used as an excuse for bad behavior or saying something is happening to someone because they are Mexican, Asian, and Black etc. I had a personal experience with it when neighbors aggressive Rottweiler killed my 6 mo. old puppy, police were called and neighbor was really angry. […]

Stop using race as an excuse.

Gabrielle Hainley, Caledonia, MI. I understand that there is discrimination and racism in the United States. But, I also see many people of all races, ages and upbringing that use their race as an excuse to get away with things or as a way to make other people sound like people, when in fact, they […]

Your race is not an excuse.

Scott McLean, VA The world is full of millions of people trying their hardest just to get by. They do not have time to be racist. “Racism” is not a problem in the U.S. It is the most diverse country in the world. Go to Japan. Go to Iraq. Go to Scandinavia. Try to be […]

I don’t know any other way!

Dan Angel Dufresne Union City, NJ I feel that sometimes people use race as a crutch to act a certain way, and do certain things. People claim ignorance, come up with excuses and have a lot of pressure put on them. As long as we have things like affirmative action there will always be disparities […]

When Color Becomes Excuse for Character

Scott Gomer Madison, WI No matter which color our skin, certain perceptions seep into our common consciousness. Why do some people live up (or down) to their stereotypes? How can we all celebrate our differences in positive ways?