Race Doesn’t Exist, We Create It

Jenna DeBell, LONGWOOD, FL. Race doesn’t exist, we create it. The concept of race has always baffled me. Judging a person’s character, intelligence and abilities merely by the color of their skin does not correlate in anyway. In fact, it seems ridiculous. Race is referred to as “groups of people who have differences and similarities […]

Racism is Alive, Prejudice does Exist

David Murray, Highland Heights, KY. I feel, especially now, that this sums up what is going on in not only our country, but the world. With what is happening with Trump now and what happened leading up to the election and inauguration, it is clear to see that prejudice and discrimination are alive throughout the […]

Race does not exist, racism does.

Sarah Brush, Delaware, OH. I have friends that are of other races and I don’t care about their skin tone or how they look. I look deeper than that. The term race is constantly brought up when talking about racism. I don’t think race truly exists. Yes people have different skin tones. But we are […]

Race does not exists, culture does

Cheri’ Chambers China Race is a classification system based on physical traits, such as skin color, made up in an attempt to claim superiority. We are all members of the same species whose genetic material is over 99% the same. Each group of us living in different parts of the world, exposed to different environmental […]

Racism does exist, you shouldn’t lie.

Monica Wesner Rutherfordton, NC I am white and see it everyday in this little Southern town. I know they are lying because whenever they say the word “black” they lower their voices and look both ways, as if they were crossing the street. Some are bound and determined to vote President Obama out just because […]

Racism does not exist without you.

Stacey Van Buskirk Ann Arbor, MI If you choose to treat everyone equal, racism would not exist in your world. The only person you can control is yourself. You can control how you react and how you act in terms of racism. Treat everyone equal and ignore people who treat you less than that. One […]