You are smarter than you look

Amanda Sperow, Chehalis, WA. Oregon State University Because I am a young woman with blonde hair, and I take pride in the way I look most people presume I am a “bimbo” or dumb blonde. It’s sad our minds don’t extend beyond the sexuality of an individual, and we can only see as deep as […]

Race must become like eye color.

Shel Cantor Astoria, OR Describe someone. You probably included the color of her eyes. You didn’t ignore her eye color, yet you don’t prejudge her nor treat her differently based on the color of her eyes. Race must become like eye color.

As significant as an eye color.

Troy Mills, Iowa City, IA This quote is inspired by my fellow islander Bob Marley, who truly predicted war until a persons race is of no more significant than the color of their eyes. War lyrics What life has taught me I would like to share with Those who want to learn… Until the philosophy […]