Am I “that” old white guy?

Brian N. Neilson Indianapolis, IN I grew up in racially mixed atmosphere in California, where there were always “those” old white guys who couldn’t be called racist, but the undertones, comments, and lifestyle left little to the imagination. I moved to Indiana to find a completely different situation 25 years ago…then it hit me, was […]

Race is not always a factor

Cindy McLendon Madison, TN I grow weary of hearing that it was “racial”.. no matter what “it” is. A couple hundred years has brought enligntenment and progress yet many races use that card for everything bad that happens to them. Personal responsibility is EVERYONE’S obligation. Remember that the color of one’s skin brings benefits also.

Racism, even subtle, still is.

Anonymous OR I’ve found that those who are most dismissive of racism are those least affected by it.  If you don’t think racism still exists then shut up, sit down, and listen.  It is still a factor!