Please, Listen to my story first!

Clemen W. DSM, IA Many people look at me and/or hear my accent and immediately create a full story about me in their minds. They react and act according to what they’ve assumed about me (Based in their own stereotypes). Please, listen to my story first. You might be surprised with who I am, what […]

You people were’t the first Americans

Ilene Santoyo Hollywood, CA White people always think that they were the first people in America those whom are racist are always say to mexicans, “Go back to your county.” and to be honest it was our country and now it is being shared between us all we are united and it’s what wouldn’t change […]

Mom, talk about your “black firsts.”

Janice Lowe New York City, NY My mother, Dr. Willa Lowe was one of the first black English teachers in several high schools in New Jersey, Washington, DC and Ohio. She was part of that first wave of school integration in which talented African American teachers were hired before African American students were admitted. She […]

Blacks are always…but you’re Okay!

Phyllis Batson Chicago, IL It’s tiresome for folks who are, even in this day and age, ‘first’ or ‘only’. I would so much rather be the ‘go to’ person for legitimate dialog than that friend, colleague, neighbor who is somehow OK, the proverbial exception to the rule. It negates who I am and who we […]

Dad said, “You were here first.”

Joan Fumetti Windsor Heights, IA Traveling from our white Iowa world through the South in 1961 we stopped at a roadside food establishment. Dad went to get in line behind a black man, who started to give up his spot.. I didn’t understand at the time but I could feel that something significant had happened.