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Mary Smith, Fort Collins, CO. “Growing up in southeast Texas, I went to segregated schools until high school – Junior year. Laundromats and water fountains bore these signs. I asked my parents why we lived in a place with such hateful attitudes, and they said, “”If people with better values didn’t live here, things would […]

Race matters because we make it.

Jacob Addington Fort Collins, CO The race issue is kept alive by statistics and surveys which constantly tell us that we humans fall into different groups, and by our own willingness to accept race as part of our identity. Is having pride in one’s own race any better than hatred for someone else’s, or is […]

Blacks shot brother; Mexican driver, sister.

Curt Lyons Fort Collins, CO My father lost two children to violent deaths, when I was young, and it wasn’t until I was older that I appreciated that he didn’t seem to hold any racial grudges. His racism was the relatively benign type of his generation, which assumptions that all black people liked watermelon and […]