White Majority? Maybe Numbers, Not Favored

Kai Braun, Fridley, MN. White people may make up most of the population in america and other places but are not favored or even looked upon as something unique. If you are anything but white you can be considered special + Different in the sense of having flavor. A white person if its applying for […]

Don’t judge books by their covers.

Nancy Hassan Fridley, MN What you see isn’t always what you get according to stereotypes. Someone’s race, or ‘cover’ is just the outside, it doesn’t dictate how a person is or how they act. People are so much more than a cover, they’re a book. They have their own stories and they’re not always what […]

Aren’t you Mexican, Chinese, Japanese?

Jenny San Luis Field Fridley, MN Why do people assume that I am Mexican, if not that then they ask that I am Chinese, then for there last resort they will say I’m Japanese. Why can’t I be just Filipino? Ask first before you assume what I am!