I do not need your validation.

Sheila Caldwell, Gainesville, GA. It appears that minoritized groups are constantly trying to explain race to be understood by the “majority.” I hasten the day when minoritzed groups do not need to be validated or prove they are good enough or just as good as the “majority.”

I’m not just a Black Man

Jared Blocker, Gainesville, FL. My name is Jared. And this is my attempt at trying to post a race card. I was born and raised in the US, yet I don’t see myself as just black, I also see myself as an African-American. Whenever I hear the term “black” I think of my brothers and […]

Ideally our differences should create opportunities

Jason Meneely Gainesville, FL Celebrate diversity. If we were all the same life would be boring indeed. I find my life greatly enriched by knowing and understanding people who are different than me. The only thing I wish we all had in common was an open mind -for that is where fear transforms into opportunity.