Segregation is bad. It’s not good.

Eva Gross New York City, NY Staten Island I am learning about segregation in first grade. Black people back then were made to do all the work. White people were not helping them. Some white people did not believe in segregation.

You’re one of the good ones

Jennifer De Shields Philadelphia, PA I grew up in a very white town, and the parents of my white friends would marvel at my manners and intelligence. Since I’m rather light skinned some people refused to believe that both of my parents are black. I spoke too well. I liked to read. I respected my […]

Good news: Whites fear racist label

Caitlin Sullivan Seattle, WA White people, even the most overtly racist ones, hate being called racist. As long as that’s true, maybe there’s hope for change, or at least a conversation. When white people say racist things and are not called racist, they often continue. But when that label is used, they are often shocked […]

Wow, you speak real good English.

Karin Kross Levenstein Austin, TX Korean adoptee, adopted as an infant by white parents. “Are you Chinese? Japanese? What are you then?” Always weighing out exactly what is meant when someone asks “where are you from?”, and then that sinking feeling (after you say “I’m from Austin” or “I grew up in DC”) when they […]