My grandson is not an other!

Henry Lonnemann, San Mateo, CA. The census called in 2010 and asked: “What race is your son?” I said he is not, but if you are curious about his ancestors he is a mix of Korean, Irish, German, Japanese, and probably some french. They then said they would have to mark him as “other”. My […]

There is only one race–human.

Patricia Callahan Augusta, ME In memory of S.C., my BFF and grandson of a slave. He passed away unexpectedly 6/10/13, a young, vibrant 83 year-old. I would have called him today to say Happy Dr. King’s birthday. He would have said something like, “but the holiday is not until Monday.” I would have said, I […]


Henry Lonnemann San Mateo, CA When contacted by the census bureau I was thrilled. It was a pleasure to fulfill my civic duty, and exciting to document my son as my great-great-grandparents had documented theirs. However, when question six came up, What is the persons race?, the conversation turned. My response was that race is […]

Mechanic disowned daughter for mixed grandson.

Anonymous Submitted via: NPR’s Talk of the Nation My neighborhood auto mechanic is part of the fabric of our town, but I found out that he’d disowned his daughter when he found out she’d partnered with a black African man. He does not know his grandkids. This makes me very sad. I have no idea […]