Mugged by black teens, trust destroyed.

Alison Blomster Minneapolis, MN I think there are some healthy reasons why stereotypes of black male teens exist. After being mugged by 5 black teenage boys wearing hooded parkas, I can understand the fear that any other person, of any skin color could feel when confronted by a black male teen whose eyes cannot be […]

Hoodies were popularized by gang-bangers

Oliver  Lackey Fairview, OK Hoodies were popularized by gang-bangers ( I’m not implying that anyone deserves to be harmed because of what they wear, but when the popular style is to emulate gang-bangers it becomes hard to differentiate between innocent teenagers and dangerous gang-bangers

Travon could have been my student.

Ron Smith Long Beach, CA I size up my class every year, and I have my own prejudices. My students size me up every year, and they have theirs. Through our discussions we get to know each other on a deeper level, and 95% of the time, we end the class with positive memories of […]