Not overcooked or underdone. Just right.

Lei-Anna Bertelsen, Bozeman, MT. I’ve grappled with this question all my life. My dad told me a story when I was a second grader after a boy called me names based on my skin color. My dad explained that when God made people, it took three tries to bake us to just the right color. […]

America’s Dominant Race is HUMAN Race

Sarah Sanchez, Midvale, UT. I am Hispanic, black and European but you couldn’t tell by looking at me and I am okay with that. I believe that there may always be a larger number of a particular race through out America but that does not make them the majority nor minority. I I feel that […]

We are all of the human race.

Tommy Edward Sarmiento, Columbus, OH. Don’t wash anything, with color, with darkness nor with white light. All human beings have a right to express and interpret and grow within themselves ideas; ideas of love, of what we fear, what makes us think “isn’t that strange?” Freedom and equity should belong to each human. We should […]

My child is of human race

Ngan Lam, Virginia Beach, VA. I learned race, prejudice, racism, stereotype, and developed my own personal biases, but when I look at my child I only see a precious human being and spirit…just him and forget about all that I learned.

A Forgotten Race: The Human Race

Danielle Dollinger Menlo Park, CA People often struggle to identify themselves with a certain race. Whether it is African American, Chinese, Russian, Native American, White, Brazilian, etc. While searching for an identity within a certain race we are unable, however, to remember perhaps the most important race of all, one in which all humans belong […]

We are all spirits of human race.

Katarzyna Smirnov, Longmont, CO. Yes, to expound I am tired of people misusing race or interchanging it with ethnicity. There is not one single genetic marker that distinguishes one ethnicity from another. The only time the color of ones skin should matter if they go missing or you are painting them in which case you’ll […]

I said human, they said white.

Ida W. USA In elementary school when they asked ‘race’ on forms I filled out ‘Human” because I am a member of the human race! The teacher erased by answer and had me write ‘white’, I told her that ‘white was a color, not a person. She thought I could not have been more wrong.

News Flash People, Race isn’t real

Tim Daugherty Mount Pleasant, MI I think it’s time to stop using the word race to describe ethnic heritage. NPR should spearhead this movement away from a word that (no longer) doesn’t have any real meaning. This is just one of hundreds of papers published since the human genome mapping was completed. We are truly […]

Only one race – the Human Race.

Barbara Dean Great Barrington, MA This is such a painful subject for so many people, but I believe to my core that there really is only one race, and that someday we will get beyond all the conflict, misunderstandings, racism, and pain and realize that we truly are brothers and sisters.

My skin is BROWN not black.

Twanna Robinson Thomasville, NC In Sunday school one morning, a new child asked me why my skin was so dark. I told her it was because I am a black person. She looked at me for a minute and said nothing else to me for the rest of the hour. When her mother, picked her […]

My race is human. Yours, too.

Nixi Chesnavich Pittsburgh, PA I was raised by a racist. My grandfather had a bias against everyone who wasn’t exactly like him. Even as a young child, I could see that the stereotypes he tried to instill in me were simplistic and dehumanizing. I chose not to hate. I chose to see all people as […]

Asked my race, I say “human”.

Jeff Byrum Asheville, NC I can’t remember where I first heard this, but now, whenever I’m asked for my race, my answer is “human.” When it’s a phone survey, the response is usually delight. From 3.7 billion miles out, earth appears in a famous photograph taken by Voyager I as pale blue dot.