It just isn’t done. Why Not?

Catherine, Beach City, OH. I have always been told by my father that ” I better not catch you with some black kid!” or by my grandmother “that just was never done in our church” or “I don’t know why. we just didn’t have that”. I could never grasp why my family was so discriminating […]

Interracial family: whites stare, blacks care.

Aurlyn Ellyse Wygle, Lewisville, TX. My husband and I are both caucasian. We have decided to make adoption our “plan A” and have a particular heart for children from hard places. This led us to become foster parents. As we parent these precious, beautiful brown babies we have noticed a trend. African American adults are […]

I shouldn’t care more than you.

Chrissy Iemma, San Diego, CA. I am a white woman. I have an interracial young adult son. The injustices that the African Amercican community face troubles me to the core. I talk about it and talk about it – to my son, his father, my black friends and it bothers me that I seem to […]

My family and school are interracial.

Jaxon Isaac Stams New York City, NY Brooklyn In my school, there are more non-Caucasians and are of multiple races. In my family, my grandparents on my father’s side are interracially married, including my Uncle Ron, who is Trinidadian. On my mom’s side, my mom’s aunt is married to a man from Yemen.

Do you date outside your race?

Toya James Albuquerque, NM I am first generation biracial Black/White, aka multiracial like everyone else if you go back far enough. Also: “Is your father in the military?” inferring why else could you be in Albuquerque.

Wishing more Black women dated out

CBP Falls Church, VA I’m a white woman engaged to a black man, and I hate feeling like a stereotype. “Typical, another self-hating brotha stolen by a white woman” I imagine them thinking. I know the tide is turning and there are plenty of black women who don’t feel this way and/or date out. But […]

I’m white, he’s black. So what?

Kim Pribanic Bozeman, MT He could be pink with purple polka dots and I wouldn’t care. Is he a good man? Does he treat me with respect? Does he treat himself, his friends, and his parents with respect? Those are the things that count.

Don’t bring home black…or Jew.

Linda Skillett Daniels, WV I grew up with a blue collar dad and stay at home mom. I started to date in the late 70s and my mom told me one day not to bring home a black….or a Jew. My dad was a racist but not my mom. I guess she learned, even as […]

How do you say your name?

Kaushik Pattamadai Cherry Hill, NJ I don’t really have many bad experiences with my name or my race in general. I have just noticed this question comes up a lot in interracial interactions even with names with easy syllable arrangements. Interestingly enough for me this question comes up only when I meet someone in person. […]

Interracial marriage isn’t a bad thing.

Ryan Wilcox Urbandale, IA My parents moved my sister and I out of Milwaukee in the early 1970’s to avoid the repercussions of desegregation. We were very young at the time so we did not understand the reason for the move. Later on my siblings and I attended an inner city high school, Washington Park […]