Is the scrutinizing of ideas racist?

Joey Klein, Lakeland, FL. Why is it that if one disagrees with the claims of a feminist, or an SJW, that the one disagreeing is sexist, or racist? The claim that women make less money than men in the US because of systemic patriarchy can be used as an example. I’m not entirely bought into […]

You are smart to be Mexican

Teresa Gonzalez, Weslaco, TX. Many people say expressions like this one without taking into consideration its being offensive. They don’t think or recall that being smart or dedicated to your job, school etc has nothing to intervene with your knowledge or nationality. Not because your Mexican they will treat you how they want. This is […]

“Fair you entered before my son?”

Heidi Adelsman, Minneapolis, MN. Working for 12 years as a Pipefitter in Minneapolis and St. Paul Minnesota, I saw few to no people of color or women working in the construction trades unless a large contract required “minorities” to get the contract. One father of a Dunwoody trade school classmate asked if I thought it […]

Being Latina doesn’t make it easier

Zulema Peralta-Saltos, North Hampton, MA. People believe that being Latina gives you a higher advantage at getting into college, graduate programs, internships, and jobs. I didn’t get into college to fit a quota, I got in because I am as smart as everybody else.

All the Mexicans here are Black.

Jessica Laursen San Diego, CA to New Orleans, LA When moving from San Diego to New Orleans as a teenager I realized the jobs held predominantly by Mexican-Americans in Southern California were performed by African-Americans in the south. Jobs such as janitor, yard maintenance, cook. I began to realize how incredibly complex social “status” is. […]

Mexicans take unwanted jobs; Why Complain?

Carlos Rodriguez Oakland, CA I’m a typical Mexican-American teenager, who eats beans and tortillas every day. When I hear people who are unaware say, ” We should just deport the Mexicans, they’re taking our jobs.” I can’t help but say something. Mexicans work hard everyday with low wages. If you notice, Mexicans work as janitors, […]

Hire best person for the job

Angie Balderrama Reno, NV My husband is white and lost out jobs to blacks and hispanics, or due to nepotism. I am hispanic but do not speak Spanish so I lost out jobs, even though I understand Spanish. We are both college educated. Very frustrating to lose out to someone you know was not as […]

Is “McDonald’s CEO Black” racist statement?

Anonymous Franklin, IN It seems that this wouldn’t have been pointed out if he were white. It is an important milestone, but with a ?Black President, Black Coaches winning the Super Bowl, and lots of Black Executives at all levels it seems that this is not a necessary statement or headline. I can see that […]

Black women freedom; black men suffrage.

Jerry Bonds, Rancho Cucumonga, CA. However, black women are advancing in education and achieving more high power position in the work force. Consequently, black men have to compete with Asians, caucasions, and sadly spoken uncle tom’s. The deck seem to be stacked against true black men.