We are not all from Mexico

Katia Pérez Amaya, Charlotte, NC. Everyone that is not open minded see ALL Hispanic/Latinos that they are from Mexico and well of course that is not true because I am a Latina but from El Salvador.

My Looks Don’t Define My Bloodline

Sierra McGeoghegan, Weymouth, MA. Growing up and even now I am always denied my Mexican heritage by lots of people of all races. I am Irish + Mexican and a few other races. My family treated my Hispanic blood as a taboo, the Latinos I knew as a child rejected me once I shared I […]

My parents think you are white.

Jennie, Los Angeles, CA. I am 4th generation Chicana. My mother is Mexican-American and my father is White. One of the saddest things is to be rejected in relationships or see as different from your significant others’ family. I find that Mexicano families do not understand the history of Mexican-Americans. Someone I dated pointed out […]

Really, we are all the same

Elizabeth Todd, Plainfield, NH. I grew up in the south and as a child heard my elders disparage blacks, Latinos and Catholics. Even as a child I knew this was wrong, I knew that we are all the same. I struggled with this dichotomy; the people I loved having values I deplored. How does one […]

None Report: Latinos overpopulated Vatican’s decrees

Robby Berg Mesa, AZ I befriended a highly intelligent but undereducated Latino family for ten years, acting in the capacity of a tour guide for three children (9 to 5 yrs old) of the larger Anglo culture as an addition to their schooling. Present at many of their larger family occasions, I saw hordes (no […]

I am Latina No Habla Espanol

Erica Renee Contreras Houston, TX I’m from San Antonio Texas, quite possibly the most acculturated city with majority Latinos in the US. Growing up there was always so confusing. I don’t speak a word of Spanish. I live with the fact that no matter who I’m talking to, I inevitably end up feeling guilty for […]

Only experienced discrimination from other Latinos.

Alicia Velez Stewart Providence, RI I also could have gone with “Wow, you don’t look Puerto Rican,” or “You are too “white” for us.” My father is 100% Puerto Rican, my mother was an all American mutt (as she would say – Lithuanian, Irish and English). Even so, my last name was still Velez and […]

There used to be only four

Manuel J Bascuas Miami, FL In school, many years ago, I was taught that they were four: white, black, yellow and red. According to some government forms, now we have Spanish, Latinos, Asians, etc. They confused country of origin and/or cultural background with race. Under our skins we are all the same.