Lily White, but not an Intolerant

Leslie Troyer, Sammamish, WA. I was raised in a very WASP’ish environment. There was very little opportunity to interact with people of color or alternative life styles. When opportunity did present I focused on the situation, not what the person looked like. In High School, I worked for a woman while working on a charter […]

Like religion and law historically advantageous

Warner Squire, Bartow, FL. I’m convinced that much of our society and standards are based on perpetuating manufactured truths in order to manipulate people who have become way too busy to do their own research in SO many areas; not only do they have little time and resources, but they are taught from a young […]

Their war is now our battle

Drew Powell Bangor, ME When the American Civil War ended 150 years ago, slavery was abolished in the United States, and the war between whites and blacks was seemingly over. But, a statement couldn’t be further from the truth. Although the war on slavery was over, there remained a nationwide tension between white people and […]

To forgive is not in me

Gary Dunn, Brooklyn, NY. I find it extremely hard to forgive those who where responsible and benefited from the enslavement of us.I want to punish them the way they punished us. Make them strip naked, beat them, separate them from their families, deny them education, jobs,businesses. Make them feel inferior and back it all up […]

I am more than my race.

Cestau Clark Louisville, KY It was against the law for my parents to be married in 1966. I was born in 1967. Florida was unkind to us then. But somehow, I still believe people are generally good. Race was a card I had to deal with everyday. Everyone wanted to know what I was…Well, I’m […]

Native? Not according to the government

James Sandborn Boxborough, MA If a person called themselves an African American and someone asked if they could provide a genealogical search at your own expense to prove they were a direct descendant of an African slave from a list of government approved and documented slave sales or they could not legally call themselves that […]

We owe our plight to Taney

Sheldon, Coral Springs, FL. There are two types of law – one for whites and one for BLACKS. The Civil Rights Movement accomplished a great many things except campaign for the repeal of the DREDD SCOTT DECISION which still permeates in our current system of law. So long as Taney’s decision stands, anyone labeled as […]