Self-image shattered living in South.

Carol Salami-Goswick Eugene, OR I’m a white woman who was born, raised, and lived in CA until I was 54. I was in college during the 60’s and was sympathetic to the black folks struggling for equality in the South. In my 30’s I had a serious relationship with a black man. I worked in […]

Not as respected, just as accountable.

Steve F Macon, GA Black male teenagers are required to register for Selective service. Like every other American male. Our safety is in more jeopardy than any other American male. Black sons can’t walk home from a store,get gas,or knock on a door after an accident,without being gunned down. We are required to pay taxes,like […]

A white woman not white demon

Amy Righter Macon, GA I was raised to be open-minded and appreciate all cultures equally. Then I grew up to discover that my culturally different friends were raised to see people quite differently. I have been pegged a white demon in at least a dozen situations. My parents believed that racism starts and ends at […]