It begins and ends with me.

Benny Burnett-Smith Las Vegas, NV My first job was at a McDonald’s in Southeast Texas. It was a very racially mixed workforce and taught me so many things about race and respect. Working alongside others from different backgrounds than my own towards the common goal of serving food and doing a good job has served […]

Whites Not Welcome in Compton McDonalds

Bill DelGrosso New York City, NY My first disaster response for FEMA was the recovery from the Rodney King civil unrest in 1992. 4 of us were in Compton for a townhall meeting with the Hon. Mervyn Dymally and stopped at McDonalds. One of my colleagues wanted to “eat in”. We were the only white […]

Is “McDonald’s CEO Black” racist statement?

Anonymous Franklin, IN It seems that this wouldn’t have been pointed out if he were white. It is an important milestone, but with a ?Black President, Black Coaches winning the Super Bowl, and lots of Black Executives at all levels it seems that this is not a necessary statement or headline. I can see that […]