Born a crime ; Black and alive.

Bankole, West Chester, PA. Why? Why do you hate me? Why is my existence considered a pestilence in your eyes? Why do you kill me? Why do you murder my sons and tarnish my reputation? Why do you rape my wives and daughters? Why do you take from me and call it emancipation? “You hate […]

Mommy, is my sister from India?

Tata Traore-Rogers Brooklyn, NY My 4 year old asked me this about her 7 year sister ” she actually said ” Mommy, is Saffronia Indian?” I said, well if she was, you would be too. She said, but she looks like them. A woman who looked like she was from India and who overheard the […]

Mommy, why wasn’t I born white?

Victoria Finney Cambridge, MA I still remember how upset she was when I asked her this. Like I had said something wrong that I shouldn’t have. Like I had failed a test somehow. “Tori, aren’t you happy with the way you are? You are beautiful; black is beautiful.” Why is she saying this? Why does […]