Not overcooked or underdone. Just right.

Lei-Anna Bertelsen, Bozeman, MT. I’ve grappled with this question all my life. My dad told me a story when I was a second grader after a boy called me names based on my skin color. My dad explained that when God made people, it took three tries to bake us to just the right color. […]

How to think well of oneself?

B B, Flathead Indian Reservation, MT. One may change; one may relinquish imposed ideas of self. Maybe every day; maybe every hour. Maybe never. I searched the Race Cards for the keyword “sorry”. Of the 32 six-word uses of the term, 22 were ironic, 8 were apologetic, and 2 were preceded with the word “not.” […]

She is more American than me.

Judy Goffena Boogman Billings, MT When I was young there was a girl adopted possibly by a couple in my small hometown in Montana. She was Native American and her “parents” were not. Matter of fact the whole town was not. She seemed angry and out of place. One day I was waiting on the […]

Couldn’t understand kid who mowed lawn.

Nancy L Moore Livingston, MT We lived in DC 1964-65 and one day a kid from the inner city offered to mow our lawn. He so wanted to do a good job he was starting to cut it too short. So my dad sent me out to offer him some lemonade to get him to […]

Will I ever meet my Mom?

Colin McKearnan, Missoula, MT. A question that my 8-year old son (Ephrem) asked me on the way to school. We are white and my wife and I adopted Ephrem and his brother from Ethiopia seven years ago. We also have two birth children.

“You Jews killed God,” she said.

Claire Baiz, Great Falls, MT. I was ten years old. On the playground at Emerson School in Great Falls, Montana when a classmate said this to me. During recess.. It was a tough time. My father was at home dying of kidney cancer and I asked my mom if it was true…

You can’t be in a tribe

Hallie Davis, Helena, MT. I’ve been told over and over that I am to white to be a Native American. To white to be in a tribe. But then people sit and look at me for a moment and say oh but I can see it now, you have the nose!

So white, you would never guess.

Francis, Livingston, MT If the civil war had gone differently I could have been born a slave. The children of slaves are almost always slaves. My great great grandmother was native and many thousands of natives were captured and sold into slavery.

We are all the same inside.

Olivia Bozeman, MT We’re all like chocolate cake. You can frost those cakes with white frosting, yellow or heck, even purple. The thing is, chocolate cake is chocolate cake even if it has purple frosting.

I’m white, he’s black. So what?

Kim Pribanic Bozeman, MT He could be pink with purple polka dots and I wouldn’t care. Is he a good man? Does he treat me with respect? Does he treat himself, his friends, and his parents with respect? Those are the things that count.

Nobody’s a racist, but racism persists.

Molly Bozeman, MT It’s clear from many academic studies that significant racism still exists in the United States. On the other hand, almost every American will vehemently deny being a racist. Often racism seems like a kind of disembodied force, a cultural ghost that we still can’t exorcise. It’s no wonder that some of the […]