That is Mr. “Mutt” to you!

Chris Cochran, Murrieta, CA. Where are you from? It’s a loaded question in that I could answer where I was born, where I was raised, where I live currently, or from which country does my family hail. Well, I’m a bit of a “mutt” actually because I am a conglomerate of many immigrants of many […]

As Mutt as a Mutt Gets

Christi Perkinson, Red Wing, MN. My mom is full blooded German so I’ve always known that I was half German, but the other half was a mystery. My dad’s side is quite the mystery. His Father was born in the south while his Mother was born in Canada. Both sides came over to the U.S. […]

Call Me Mutt: One Doesn’t Fit

Mark Sundermann Holt, MI This morning’s story about Mixed Heritage gave me hope. How does one pick from the following? German, Mexican, Dutch, Zapotec, Irish and (possibly) Menomini? I’m a MUTT.

No, sorry I don’t speak Spanish

Maria (Victoria) Lopez, Moreno Valley, CA. I am a student at Cal Baptist University and am in the class History of Minorities. My professor had us look into this web site for an assignment but to talk about our own race card. My race topic is, “No, sorry I don’t speak Spanish” This has been […]

Adopted parents, who the hell knows?

Haley B Grand Rapids, MI My parents are adopted. I am a mutt. Both of my parents are darker complected with strong features that I wish I would have inherited as I am pale, blonde and blue eyed; so I get labeled “white.” When I look at the world around me, I see the variety […]

Are you black? You look so …

Nicole Collins Bronzan Rahway, NJ I’m a mutt — black, Native America, Irish, you name it — raised all over the world as a military brat. I consider myself black, but depending on where I am (and how tan), I get all kinds of questions, though substantially less so in a diverse city like NYC.

What are you, anyway?

Abigail Curtis Belfast, ME I am an American mutt! Dominican, middle eastern, white. I don’t think these words are said with hostility, but they always make me stop and think.

I’m not a mutt, I’m human

Krystal Moss Columbia, SC I’m 16 years old and growing up around Blythewood SC was a really hard thing. When I was little kids would call me a mutt and pick at me. They’d try to cut my curls off and say many hurtful things about my race. For a long time I was afraid […]

The only Mexican in my family

Sarah Willis Portland, OR My dad is a half Mexican half German man who married a European mutt and had seven children. I am the only one of the seven that he marked the box on my birth certificate as Hispanic instead of white, making me the only mexican in my family.

Blonde hair, Blue eyes. European mutt.

Kyrsten USA I chose these six words because I hail from several different European ancestries. I have German, Irish, French, and Danish in my blood. I often tire of people who ask where my family originates from because there is no simple answer. I am German. I am Irish. I am French. And I am […]

I’m a mutt and I’m proud!

Lily Nadal Asheville, NC I’m one quarter Irish, one quarter Greek, one quarter Puerto Rican, and one quarter Native American. And even though I have encountered many forms of racism from people, I keep my head up because I love who I am and I love the heritage I have. I know I’m beautiful and […]

Heritage Day? I am a mutt.

Christina Vallem Ann Arbor, MI Understanding Race Project- University of Michigan When the elementary school holds a Heritage Day my kids would ask me “What are we?” At first I would say we are “mutts.” Kids love dogs and understood the answer. My best answer evolved into “Northern European mix.” An improvement over rattling off […]

Really? But you don’t look Mexican…

Andrea Z Boston, MA We need to face what is uncomfortable and finally realize that we are all Human together. We cannot take the next step until we acknowledge “others” as “like us” and not like “them”. I consider myself an earthling, a citizen of the world, a mutt and I am proud of it. […]