Black folks DO live in Alaska!

Diane “Bunny” Fleeks, Fairbanks, AK. My father arrived here in Fairbanks, Alaska in 1959. My mother and I “came into the country” (as we old farts call coming to Alaska to stay) in 1960. I grew up here, left after high school and moved back nearly 20 years ago. African-Americans have been part of Alaska’s […]

A complex and ridiculous social construct

Dana Bryant, New York, NY. Case in Point: Walter White, Director of the NAACP from 1931-1955 . The man had about 1/27th percent black blood but was was forced to identify himself as a black man. When, later in life, he divorced his black wife and choose to marry the white woman he’d actually fallen […]

Seventeen white and member of NAACP

Gordon McAlister Waconia, MN It’s the 60’s I’m white seventeen and a member of the NAACP It means I’m cool, enlightened, support the cause, and maybe most important not like them For Medger Evers it means you’re dead

Read Ralph Bunche’s comments about race

Richard C Evansville, IN Dr. Ralph Bunche was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize for his UN activities after world war II. He had remarkable people skills, intelligence, negotiating skills, humility and congeniality. The NAACP gave him the Spingarn Medal for his great work and he said “There need be no more Spingarn Medals nor any […]

Sure, but would you marry one?

Tom Bethesda, MD When my (white) mother worked at NAACP in the 60’s my Dad infamously questioned her sincerity. Mom died a decade ago. Dad spent last weekend walking precincts for Obama in NH. Hope and change indeed.