My Ancestors NEVER owned any slaves.

Anthony Turoczy,   Manassas, VA.   My Great-grandparents came to America in 1904 from Hungary. They worked in the mines during the day and went to school at night to learn how to speak, read and write English. Don’t blame others for your bad choices; work hard and make something of yourself.

New experiences: better late than never.

Bryce Beckwith Ann Arbor, MI I attended a catholic, all-girls high school in Sacramento, California. Race and diversity were things I had only experienced through informative assemblies. However; the University of Michigan has made those assemblies a daily experience.

Biracial. Never wanted to be white.

Anjali, USA. Growing up I feel like I only belong to my Sri Lankan culture and heritage because I dismiss the white part of myself. I am half Sri Lankan and half white, but I look tan. I wish I was darker. Some say I look white, but when I look at myself I can […]

boldness, fight, outspoken, never, give, up

Lydia George New York City, NY Brooklyn These activist have shown me the power of their boldness and how reluctant they were to stop their movement in the midst of adversity. Its encouraging even today to use those characteristics to fight injustices still today in our society.

I will never get it right.

Michael Fitzpatrick Quincy, IL Regardless of how I try to understand, I will never get it right. When I try my foot ends up in my mouth. Perhaps it is because I don’t live with the experiences blacks have to endure all their lives. I commend their spirit for achieving they have with the adversity […]