That was then, this is now.

Abby Oklahoma City, OK I was working as a hostess at a restaurant a few years ago. We would seat servers/sections based on a rotation chart. Two older black women came in and were taken to the next section in rotation, which happened to be located towards the back of the restaurant. They were immediately […]

Are you my mother? Sí, mija.

Daniela, Oklahoma City, OK. Are You My Mother by P.D Eastman was one of my favorite books growing up because I loved how graciously and lovingly the mama bird at the end confirmed her son’s pleading for a sense of belonging. I am aware that I am not the only multi-ethnic person out there who […]

Delaware, Kiowa, Comanche, Mexican, Oh My!

Kristina T., Oklahoma City, OK. I’m half Native American and half Mexican. I have 3 tribes’ blood that runs through my veins along with Mexican blood. Most people consider and see me as one or the other. I speak and know my Mexican culture, but when it comes to my Native culture, I’m completely lost. […]

Ladies Needn’t Wear Long Gowns

Susan K. Schmidt, Oklahoma City, OK. It was the mid 50’s in Miami, Florida. It was the time of “white only” and “black only” water fountains and bathrooms. I was 6 or 7 years old and riding in the back of the family car with my Grandmother, who was raised in Savannah, Georgia. We passed […]

My children won’t rob you

Shamica, Oklahoma City, OK. I never knew that becoming a mom would be different based on race. I was raised on military bases, everyone got along. I knew that people could be racist but I never really experienced it. I was . . . naive. Then I married my husband, at a young age, then […]

You are the whitest black man

M. King Oklahoma City, OK College educated, and my profession, is IT training and consulting. When whites gain that friendly level of comfort, they try and say that my manner of speech, an education, makes me white. Once I posed the question, what made them think that education, intelligence and standard speech are attributes only […]

I’m me, not my intolerant family.

J.S. Oklahoma City, OK I am me. I come from a long line of intolerant, hate filled family that would sooner walk away from those who are different they are rather than stay and learn and revel in the diversity. I am me and I am never going to be that which I seemed destined […]

Race regardless, you still have culture

Jasmine Elizabeth Smith Oklahoma City, OK “But I’m White. I don’t have a culture I identify with.” I often hear this rueful phrase during discussions about multiculturalism with my non African American friends. I think Americans need to redefine the meaning of the word ‘culture’. Culture does not refer to ethnicity or nationality, but should […]

Not my problem, now my kid’s

Courtney M Oklahoma City, OK I’m white. I was raised in a military family that traveled everywhere and was taught to love what makes us different. Then I had children with a man who isn’t white. Now, race has taken on a whole new meaning. Explaining race issues to them is painful…for so many reasons.