Am I “that” old white guy?

Brian N. Neilson Indianapolis, IN I grew up in racially mixed atmosphere in California, where there were always “those” old white guys who couldn’t be called racist, but the undertones, comments, and lifestyle left little to the imagination. I moved to Indiana to find a completely different situation 25 years ago…then it hit me, was […]

Jenny has made you a pie

Trey Willy Seale, AL I was small and white. Jenny was old and black. She took care of me when I was little when my great aunts that I lived with were away at work. I played with her grandchildren at our home there in the country. Together we would climb the high magnolias, explore […]

I smile at young black men.

Nena Clark Rochester, MN I am an old, white woman. I work in the govt center and I see all kinds of folks there who probably aren’t having their best day. I try to be pleasant to everyone, but I make a point of being friendly toward young black men. I know that in my […]

Racism : Old is not so Gold

Anurag Roongta, India. In India, though a developing country, there are still communities that don’t allow marrying outside one’s race, including my own. And those who don’t hold these views personally, are afraid of saying it loud in society. I am not afraid of presenting my views, but my parents and their views weigh me […]

Why does racial prejudice still exist?

Susan Benjamin Roslyn, NY I think so highly of President Obama and have been overwhelmed at the depth of fear and nastiness that has surfaced from the old white guard still in elected office and surfacing in those that voted for those old white men.

Never too old to be profiled

Ollie Daniels Pembroke Pines, FL I am a sixty-nine year old black college professor with all white hair. From time-to-time I am stopped by police officers and questioned. It’s never about speeding, but rather it’s about, “Is this car yours?” I drive, what I call, a rather “high-end” car and I believe that they think […]