Girl, you are not black enough.

Flora Griffith, Omaha, NE. I was eight years old when I first began to feel like an outsider. My school was very segregated, white people hung out with white people and black people hung out with black people, ect. I felt alone, I was never truly accepted into the black, white, or latino communities. The […]

I was the only white teacher…

Alena, Des Moines, IA. I was the only white teacher in the City of Little Rock Early Childhood Center, a school partnered with Little Rock School District that hired certified teachers and had a great full-day program for young, inner-city 3 1/2-5 year old students from “the projects.” Many of my young charges had no […]

Am I the only one here?

Dena Boyd Lincoln, IL In high school my Chinese friend, Zeyi, asked me to help her sell some Chinese food at the Chinese festival in Peoria called DuanWu Party. I went with her expecting to see of course many Chinese people and a few from other different ethnic groups. When we arrived and I helped […]

There’s only one and he’s nice.

John Thomas Athens, GA These were my exact words upon arriving home from my first day of school ever. It was 1957; I was five, and my grandmother that lived with us had asked me if there were any “darkies” in my class. I realized at that moment that her racist brainwashing was hateful and […]

Only one black in my school

Bob Blizard Acton, MA Growing up in western New York State in the ’50s, there was only one black kid in school. I remember our First Grade teacher answering a question from another kid in my class about why Tommy’s palms were light colored by saying “God made them that way so we know all […]