Happy, friendly neighbors… until dating starts.

Submitted via Twitter: @Only4RM #theracecardproject Once open-minded, inclusive parents start to act nervous, different when cross-racial crushes develop & kids hit puberty. Some parents change around Junior High. All of above to some degree. More “oversight” of kids’ interaction. No more jokes about crushes. Group plans no more 1on1. The changes are subtle. To the […]

But he touched the Black President.

Submitted via Twitter: @Only4RM @michele_norris, #6words, #TheRaceCardProject How the RW GOP fringe took down Charlie Crist in FL (now a D) & how they attacked Chris Christie & now Marco Rubio. Michele Norris @michele_norris I want to know the backstory behind these six words — “But he touched the Black President ..@Only4RM   Only4RM ‏@Only4RM  Feb 18 The GOP […]