White, but never belonged = peopleless.

Ricki Fowler Bedford, VA While growing up, I spent 5 years in a town hostile to outsiders. I’d always been unlike other children, but there, I was bullied by the kids at school and punished by the adults for being bullied. I’d been reading about the trials of African-Americans during the civil rights movement (then […]

Different colors, same on the inside

Nathan S Detroit, MI With all of the talk of racial tensions in the US today, it is important to remember that the only difference between the commonly accepted races is skin color and, sometimes, facial features. Beyond that, people are all largely the same. Studies have been made showing that the vast majority of […]

Black out side. Mixed in Side.

Eddy Bowen Madison, WI I chose these words because It’s my cultural anthropology. most people when they “see” me they just see a normal black guy but little do they know I’m Puerto Rican and Native American. I don’t think its right to judge me based off of how I look on the outside that’s […]