Blacks can own nice things too!

Dede C., San Francisco, CA. My six words is relevant to a personal story of mine and other minorities. The stereotype is that Blacks are poor and lack education so commit illegal crimes to obtain the luxuries we want. Because of this stereotype, people are oblivious to the fact that we are capable of working […]

But I never owned any slaves.

John Staunton, VA It is factually true that I never owned slaves. But while this statement is true for every American person of any race, it is also the great white excuse. I think that all people today of every race owns responsibility for the moral and historical consequences of slavery. But today’s descendants of […]

My ancestor might have owned yours.

Kathy Miner Madison, WI My father’s mother’s family proudly claims an ancestor who signed the Declaration of Independence. At some point, as an adult, I realized that since he was from Virginia, he must have owned slaves. I have since confirmed that fact. I try not to let it interfere in my friendships with black […]