Who’s that person at your house?

Ismail A., Minneapolis, MN. My name is Ismail and I live in Minneapolis. I am Somali and I live with my family in an apartment building. A lot of different people live in my building, Latinos, Asians, Africans, African Americans and white people. The manager of the building is mean to the Somali people. She […]

I hate people I like persons

Barrett Murphy Chicago, IL People en masse are bad, they are obnoxious, racist and worse, think mob mentality. People as individuals are good and decent. A lot of racism in our country comes from the people, not from persons. Ask anyone who works as a public servant and they will understand exactly the difference between […]

All it takes is one person.

Corey Davis San Antonio, TX I read through a lot of the post and had never planned to write anything myself, because what’s left to say. Then I read the Card “I feel uncomfortable with you here,” and that broke my heart, brought me to tears. A grown man, 44 years old, sitting at the […]