I am glad they fear me.

Ernest Leon Tyree Jr Dravosburg, PA After spending 12 years in the military I learned a lot about fear and the power it holds. One the most powerful motivators is fear which is unfortunate, that being said the person who holds the power has a great responsibility to know that people fear them and to […]

Art in the face of racism

Christopher McBride New York City, NY Brooklyn Seeing that exhibit really brought about a strong reaction emotionally from myself. As a musician, seeing the visual art side of things was really powerful.

Listen to the experiences of others

Rick DeBruyne, Pomona, CA. Streaming film available at www.diversitytrainingfilms.com. The Color of Fear, Edited by Richard Bock, The Color of Fear is a powerful movie examining closely the issue of racism. Considered by many to be the best film of its kind, exploring the conscious and unconscious behavior of racism. It has been seen by […]

Now we can talk about race

Gary Seven Nashville, TN All during the election season, conservatives were claiming that President Obama did nothing to unify the country about issues of race, (as if he were capable of, and was singularly responsible for doing so by himself.) Their claim was that he was the most divisive president in history when in fact […]

I’m A Strong Powerfull Mexican Woman

Andrea Cordero Salt Lake City, UT I no longer wan to be viewed just by the color of my skin or my gender. I am ready for this world to see me for my abilities and streangths and not just catagorize me as a “minority”. If we want to see each other as equals we […]

Being An African American Feels Powerful

Chelsea Delaney, Baltimore, MD. I have read different race cards that elaborated so much about the downsides of being my race, about being an African American and the disadvantages of it. I do believe that both sides need to be explained, but I want to focus more on the positive. Focus more on how liberating […]

I hate these walls between us.

Joel Bass Englewood, CO The idea of race was created to keeps us apart, to make it easier for us to harm each other, to make powerful people even more powerful. It’s arbitrary, it’s hateful, and in my heart I can see a world without it. I ache for that world.

“What did he look like?” “Friendly.”

Matt Nightingale Santa Rosa, CA My name is Matt, and my family and I are white. About five years ago, I learned a powerful lesson from my son. I had taken my kids to go swimming. I noticed my 7-year-old son Zach playing with a little African-American boy for quite a while. That night as […]

Powerful nations considerate you inferior, Africa.

Marie Makoue Hyattsville, MD At people’s sight Africa is seen as a undeveloped territory. I choose theses words because they emphasize developed countries’s opinions about Africa since ancient times. In today’s world there still people who see Africa as a village territory; a place of torture, misery and sufferance. Even though there still, Africa is […]