Native Stand With Black Lives Matter

Stephanie Traversie-Baechler, Watertown, SD. Growing up in South Dakota, many experiences Native Americans have gone through are familiar to those that have been expressed by Blacks in this country. We, too, have endured racial profiling, high incarceration rates, unfair ticketing practices designed to provide financial gain to counties, and we have experienced deaths. I have […]

Police harassed undercover cop wearing hoodie.

V. USA I’d rather not share my name right now due to the sensitive nature of the incident. While working undercover, I decided to duck into a burger joint to get a bite. It was cold and drizzly outside. I was wearing a hoodie. I am Latino. It was about midnight. I admit that I […]

Is Anything Wrong With Racial Profiling?

Fred Moolten Canonsburg, PA Please forgive the provocative title. I don’t mean it literally, nor am I even sure what is meant by “racial profiling”. What I do know is that I and many other members of the white majority who consider ourselves fair-minded, face a dilemma that demands attention. Recently, I have read eloquent […]

Race is not a card game.

J.C. Dade Houston, TX When I listened to the President of the United States speak of having being profiled because he was Black, I recalled the experiences that people had shared with me over the course of my lifetime as well as some of my own. My father often spoke of being pulled over on […]

Tail the black guy buying moscato.

Erik Aurora, CO I was in a mixed-race neighborhood, in line at a convenience store behind a black man checking out with a white clerk. He asked if there were any larger sizes of the wine he was buying. After the clerk said he wasn’t sure, he went back into the store to look himself. […]

Pulled Over. Charge? Driving While Black!

Arnie Gundersen Burlington, VT I am white, teaching in the “whitest” state in the Union. Yet Burlington has a huge immigrant and black community. While driving, my students were frequently pulled over by police throughout the state and in other states. They had a term for it – “Driving While Black:!

FLEW through Security :) …husband stuck behind. :(

KB Louisville, KY I can’t count how many times I have been through airport security, worldwide, including dozens of times with my husband. I’m a white “girl next door” type. My husband is harder to peg (he has been “read” as Chinese, Okinawan, Thai, Indian, Arab and more, although he is from Mexico). Whenever we […]

This old wound will never heal

Greg D. Royal Oak, MI I’m glad to live in America. Race plays an important role in our society. There is definitely discrimination against black people in our country, but there are also some black people that use it as a crutch. Example of the former: I got a speeding ticket in Maryland Heights Missouri […]