Will racists be in Heaven? – Revelation 5:9

Rev. Paul Nulton, Vernon, NJ. I grew up in a very racist family and church. My grandfather subscribed to magazines like “The Cross and The Sword” – John Birch society rants about how African-Americans, Jews, Hispanics (all foreigners) were less human than white folk. I remember the minister ranting about Dr. Martin Luther King in […]

Why the Confederate flag is NOT racist

Daisy Martinez, Holland, MI. The Confederate flag does not represent and never has represented racism. It’s a symbol of the southern heritage, representing freedom, states rights, individual responsibility, and resistance to an out of control federal government. It may be true that some racists have used the Confederate flag, but racists also wave the American […]

Not all white conservatives are racists

Emily, Houston, TX. Many people complain about discrimination, stereotypes, and prejudices relating to race; and I am under no illusion that what they experience is real and happens every day. After experiencing such treatment, I would hope that those people would be more sensitive to the subject and try not to stereotype people. Unfortunately, I […]

No racists here; we are gated.

Peter Goodwin New York, NY We have separated ourselves into separate communities, sometimes with physical gates, often with mental or emotional gates, and so have very little contact with the ‘other’. And we can pretend that that we have no residue of racism in our emotional make-up while never having any contact with people of […]

Most White People Are Not Racists

Glenn Schwitter Simsbury, CT I live in CT, am socially more liberal and financially more conservative, and I do not know any white people who are overtly racist. That would be zero, nada, none. I have also rarely/never seen a problem solved by others. All progress is made by you. The world may not be […]

Why the hyphen? American not enough?

Nick Keim Ellicott City, MD My original thoughts when hearing about the race card project are the six words written above. Then I started to worry about putting my name on the site and what people I know might think of me. I thought about changing my six words to “Afraid to speak; am I […]

Racism Deniers Are The Worst Racists

Garrick Kevin Peterson Exeter, CA Being a WASP, I am privy to what white people say about blacks, hispanics and other minorities. Often they think I have the same attitudes as they do, or that I am as willing to look the other way. The kind of racism I know the most about is white-on-black […]