Blessed to grow up in diversity

Rob Daniels, Bolingbrook, IL. I grew up in the south suburbs of Chicago at a time when our community worked extra hard to be racially and ethnically diverse on purpose. Our small community was also nationally recognized for its racial diversity. I recall thinking that it was so incredible to be around so many different […]

What would 2pac have to say?

Jack Wright, Capitola, CA. As polarizing and misguided as Tupac Shakur often was, he represented a raw and uninhibited catalyst for the change he felt his world desperately needed. We can only guess to what those words may have been but it leaves one to wonder, who exists in popular culture today with the ability […]

Constant conversation with my radical mom.

Alexis Danzig New York City, NY Manhattan This exhibit moved me to tears. I am so proud of the Brooklyn Museum, delighted to see the work of my college art teacher, May Stevens! I was wishing I could share the experience with my mother, Naomi Danzig. My mother was born into the modern Jewish orthodox […]