I am scared to drive alone

Ariel Foreman, Raleigh, NC. I just moved to North Carolina from Virginia. I’m scared to travel on highway 14 between Home and Raleigh especially at night…because it’s heavily monitored by police. I should not be scared of a group that’s suppose to protect me.

Skin not prison, come touch heart?

Linden Gibson Raleigh, NC I will never get used to being looked at by total strangers as a threat to their safety just by walking down the street. I see the fear in the averted looks, how they step aside or suddenly have something important to say to a companion, or seem to need to […]

Sexism: worse than racism. It’s complicated.

Woman, Raleigh, NC. Yes, racism exists and at times, thrives, but if you’re a woman of color, you’re more likely to be affected than your male counterparts. Sexism, an outworking of centuries of patriarchal systems – systems that allowed for racism in the first place – makes every “ism” it’s present in worse. So, when […]

Yellow: Neither White Nor Black Enough

Yuri Yamamoto, Raleigh, NC. I am a Japanese immigrant. I sometimes feel lost in this society where race is all about black and white. I often feel that I am neither white nor black enough to contribute significantly to a diversity conversation, most of which seems to be about reconciliation and healing from the slavery. […]

I wish I was more white

Lynn P., Raleigh, NC. My mother is white and my father is black. I am light skinned and proper speaking but not white enough in skin tone. I do not think I should have to choose a side, so why as me to? I wish I was more white skinned, then I would feel accepted. […]

That Uniform Don’t Cover Your Ass

Sid Makeba Raleigh, NC I was so proud in the fall of 1960 to join and wear the uniform of The United States Air Force. What a rude awaking I got in San Antonio Texas when Puerto Rican buddy and I tried to go to the movies. The cashier lady told us we had to […]

My sons are potential murderers

Tanisha Henderson Raleigh, NC There is perception and then there is reality. What do you do when those lines cross and the reality is you have to live like the perception is true? Case in point: Miami-Dade Police handcuffed and choked a 14 year old boy because he gave them “‘dehumanizing stares,’ clenched his fists […]

We Share The Same Last Name

E R Leathers Emerville, CA Each and every Sunday, after attending church, my four sisters and I would head to downtown Raleigh. Sometimes we stopped to played in Moore Square before walking on to the Capitol Building. We would climb those life size statues of Presidents and forgotten war heroes. Our Sunday dresses suffered, while […]

Race Is Nothing But Mammal Made

Erin Raleigh, NC I cannot remember where I got this information from it’s either from visiting “RACE: Are We So Different?” that opened at the National Museum of Natural Science in 2011 or/and Wiki on history of race I researched shortly after my visit to the museum. I learned how in Europe, the nobles needed […]

Being colorblind is not equality.

Jessica Raleigh, NC Not “seeing color” is not offering equality. It is a way to silence our stories and negate the mistreatment. Be willing to accept that we are not on a level playing field. THAT, my friends, is equality.