The suffix “ism” ruins everything.

Dallas Yates, Dunwoody, GA. Race is merely a form of innocuous classification used to identify and group individuals of a common heredity. The concept only becomes socially divisive when people begin to erroneously assume that their own race is inherently superior to others and act in accordance with a such a belief.

Flatbush Ruined When Blacks Moved In

Will Johnson, Omaha, NE. My father tried to ignore the crime and filth that appeared in the early 1970 in Flatbush, until he at the age of 60, was attacked with a butcher knife in his office by a new resident. Dad shot him in the heart with his legal pistol, and was found innocent […]

Those kids will ruin your life.

Shelley Cadamy Munoz Tulsa, OK This was said to me by a very upstanding member of the Oklahoma City Community, just after he said a public prayer. Many years later, my kids have clearly done just the opposite of ruining my life. I can’t imagine my life without them.