Chinese, mixed, family, unknown, curiosity, food

Charlotte Wong Santa Cruz, CA I am half Chinese, and half sort-kind-of-European. I don’t know what kind of European. I never knew my father, who was white, and my mother never knew his true ethnic background, aside for him being white. My mother would always say “your father would say he is like Heinz Ketchup” […]

To be young, gifted, and black.

Maynard Hearns, Santa Cruz, CA. The black story in america is very simple: we were slaves, and then we weren’t. We were never given freedom, or equality. When we begged for it, we were lied to. When we Marched on Washington and pleaded our case, we were shot in the back of the head. When […]

So close and yet so far

Dylan Pomerantz Santa Cruz, CA Even though we have made great strides in equal rights for all citizens, there is evidence that we have much work to be done. Striking down of parts of the voter rights act as well as mass incident such as katrina show that there are parts of our society that […]

Why can’t I be both, equally?

Autumn Johnson Santa Cruz, CA My father is white and my mother is black, yet people cannot seem to comprehend that this means I am half of both- equal parts. I am always forced to choose one or the other…