I never know what to say.

Sydney, KS. I do the best I can to be an ally for my friends of color. Sometimes, though, I stay silent on issues. Not because I am not being the best I can be- but because often I say things as a white person that offends my friends because the language I use isn’t […]

Say Hello First Then Think Twice

Lauri McNamara, Greenfield, MA. I see strangers in my neighborhood when I walk my dog and instead of being afraid and making snap assessments based on their age, skin, group, I slow myself down and try to make eye contact, say hello and take it from there. I wish more people would give it a […]

I’m white, watch what I say

Meagan Cromer Manassas, VA Since I am white, I always feel that I have to be cautious of what I say when talking about race, because if I say the wrong thing people automatically assume I’m racist.