LGBTQ people represent the rainbow race.

Jeff Keever Seattle, WA I just wish people would get out of their minds that the focus on “race” only includes some sort of ethnic identification. When people speak of diversity they should be speaking of all kinds of differences–differences in abilities, sexual preference or identity, religion, or any other sort of differences that may […]

My parents said “No Mexican boyfriends”

Patricia Paquette Seattle, WA I grew up in Southern California where half of my classmates and neighbors were Mexican and so were my best friends and eventually, boyfriends. Even though my parents knew and liked these guys, they forbade me to date them or call them boyfriends. They gave no explanation — probably felt they […]

Race grievance: some therapy, mostly poison.

John Peeples Seattle, WA My concern (besides the crazy anti-spam check that not even a human being can read) is that the race grievance industry seeks to perpetuate itself and prop up its own leaders by creating and fomenting permanent self-fulfilling grievance at the expense of a healthy society. I hope my voice makes the […]

Closing Fault lines : our life long journey

Frank Alden Blethen Seattle, WA Fault Lines was a construct of Washington Post Journalist Robert Maynard who became the first black owner of a major metro newspaper , the Oakland Tribune [ Calif.] . I have used it continuously in my personal and professional lives for more than 30 years. It enables one to think […]

Cherish your race, appreciate others diversity

Anonymous Seattle, WA Diversity is a gift that has been manipulated to segregate people. Divide and concur is how the system of government controls so many people but to be able to overcome this one must first accept Everyone for what they stand for and not what they wear or there pigmentation.

Seattle, please stop fearing black folks.

Roland Groce, Jr., Seattle, WA. All 52 years of my life has been affected by white privilege and racism. My son is bi-racial, now graduated from college and approaching grad school at a racist institution (University of Washington). I am concerned that at the UW, Asian people have taken over and continuing to carry out […]

Acknowledging privilege isn’t accepting the blame.

Branden Bean Drake Seattle, WA None of us decided to be born white, just as none of us created the social and political systems that discriminate against people based on race. You didn’t choose for things to be this way, but they are. Acknowledging that these pre-existing systems benefit you doesn’t make you a bad […]

Biracial. Choosing everyone instead (of) no one

Sarah Seattle, WA Growing up biracial in a small, conservative, and rural town often left me feeling like I didn’t belong. No one could fully relate so I was shy and reserved. As I grew older, I realized that being biracial and bicultural is a gift that enables me to connect with a broad spectrum […]

Aspiration to equality, struggle with assumptions

Lincoln Ferris Seattle, WA When meeting someone we don’t know, our ancestral mind seeks to confirm “are they one of mine, or not.” That means we must work in every encounter to be open to discover who this person is by what they say and do, not by what the visual cues may conjure up […]

Ex’s father an ungrateful bigot

Christopher Saldaña Seattle, WA While I was helping my ex’s father move from California (my home state, from which I have since moved), he took a break to talk to some neighbors. He then decided to say the new state he was moving to was better because it “didn’t have as many Mexicans”. While I […]

Good news: Whites fear racist label

Caitlin Sullivan Seattle, WA White people, even the most overtly racist ones, hate being called racist. As long as that’s true, maybe there’s hope for change, or at least a conversation. When white people say racist things and are not called racist, they often continue. But when that label is used, they are often shocked […]

I’m White, but must you hate?

Jeannette Seattle, WA I have a good friend who is African American. We have always got along, but as of late I’ve seen her make a posts on Facebook that are passionately negative about white people. Sweeping negative generalizations- white people are all ignorant, will remain ignorant. It is disheartening. If this is how she […]

American girls do not speak Spanish.

Ana Seattle, WA We lived in a very small homogeneous town, and my parents had just gotten divorced. My father was the Spanish speaker and became mostly absent. My grandmother was trying to help me keep up with my second language, and I thought to myself it did not matter because American girls do not […]

Not white Superman complex. Just helping.

Irvin MacQuarrie Seattle, WA I’m white and I coach tennis and tutor at a urban high school that is probably best known for the number of professional basketball players it has produced. I also used to be a volunteer leader for a predominantly white youth group and one of the kids told me about how […]

Only whites can truly ignore racism

Bjorn Leslie Harlson Seattle, WA For the longest time I was not fully aware of my own privilege. I would be one of those crying “reverse racism” at things like affirmative action, or any other sort of law that identifies people by their race in anyway. After taking some classes in the matter and talking […]

Zimmerman verdict made me “the other.”

Christina Wong Seattle, WA I’m a second generation Asian American woman who married into a Caucasian family. I have always felt Americanized and never really identified with being Chinese while growing up, except for those occasions of childhood taunts that I must be smart because I’m Chinese or when I experienced the exceedingly rare occurrences […]

Invisible “Whites Only” signs are everywhere.

David Moser Seattle, WA My own wrestling with the meaning of the Zimmerman verdict has reminded me of this passage from James Baldwin’s A Talk for Teachers: “When you go downtown you discover that you are literally in the white world. It is rich- or at least it looks rich. It is clean- because they […]

I would have pulled the trigger.

Alex Seattle, WA I’m a short biracial woman. I would never have followed Trayvon. But if it went down like the jury thinks it went down, if I were confronted by a man in the night, I would not have hesitated to fire. Its hard being tiny and female and not having a car to […]

You mean to say Native American

Swapnil Deopurkar Seattle, WA I moved from India to Ann Arbor, Michigan; age 26, male, long hair, parted down the middle and with a pony tail. My first day at the bus stop, started a conversation with an African American undergrad. The conversation abruptly halted with me saying “I am Indian..” and he interrupting “ […]

“Mamma, why am I not blonde?”

Padmaja Ganeshan Singh Seattle, WA Growing up here, in the US, my daughter’s definition of a princess, is a blonde, white young girl wearing a gown, tights and a tiara. The dress is mostly pink. DD now wears pink dresses, tights and is more or less always in a Tiara. She knows fair is only […]

Only white man on the bus.

Greg Van Schuyver Seattle, WA While visiting Atlanta on business years ago, I took a bus to an event but got on the wrong bus on my return. I was the only guy on the bus and then at each stop it started filling up with African Americans. Some were business people, others families with […]

Not what you think I am

Mahealani Smith Seattle, WA People always ask me, “What are you? Where are you from?” They always try to guess, based on my name or my face. And they’re always surprised to find out that I’m not one ethnicity, I’m five, and they guessed wrong.

I can’t help my own privilege

Laura Rogers Seattle, WA I know I have privilege in our country, as an upper-middle-class white woman. I don’t need to be told this again and again. Please don’t hold it against me. I’m an ally, if you would just get to know me.

I’m gay. Doesn’t make me white.

SeattleBookmonger Seattle, WA My dad’s white, my mom’s Japanese. People like me aren’t new but we’re reinvented every few years. I wish I could say I’d escaped prejudice but that isn’t true, but I was raised realizing that no one language, religion, point of view, country, group (etc) is always right or the best. It’s […]