Not White! I will choose Purple!

Jeanne L, Little Falls, MN. I don’t care if you are white, black, brown, yellow, red, purple or green we all bleed the same color, we all breath the same air, we all look up at the same sky. So why must we focus so much on our differences instead of focusing on our similarities.

Secret shame: Still surprised by similarities.

Debbie Staton Sterling, KS I was taught from a very young age that God created and loves everyone, regardless of race or nationality and not to judge others by their skin color. But, at 53 years old, I still catch myself feeling surprised at times when the realization hits me that people who look different […]

Search out similarities instead of differences

Patrick S. Perkins ID Submitted via: NPR’s Talk of the Nation This is an interesting program and it made me recall an experience with my 4 year old in a grocery store. There was a man of east Indian descent in line behind us and my daughter kept looking at him and looking back at […]

Justice for all, tempered by mercy.

John Birmingham, AL Until race is not an issue we will never have Justice. Fear keeps us apart. We make the fear by noticing the differences and not similarities. We can only expect Justice when we see only wrongs to be made right, not the color of the perpetrator or the victim..