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Gene Michael Lipan, TX Tired of being made to feel like I am supposed to be guilty of something. No black alive in America has ever been a slave to anyone; No whites alive in America have ever owned slaves. GET OVER IT!!! STOP MILKING THIS “RACISM RACKET”!!!! NOBODY OWES YOU ANYTHING, least of all, [...]

African-American, no. American whose’s black, yes!

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Vanessa Minneapolis, MN I HATE the term African-American. I don’t hold citizenship to any country on the African continent so why do people feel the need to call me that. I’m the descendent of people who were forcible sold and brought to the country, raped, beaten, and denied personhood and their rights. They slaved and [...]

Forgive, I am not my ancestor.

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Donna Hanson Bella Vista, AK My ancestors were slave owners and themselves indentured servants and sharecroppers. I’ve worked on my family genealogy for over 14 years and find both the goodness and harshness of humankind interwoven throughout the generations.

Name of cemetery doesn’t change history

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Lonna Jo Bowen-AlMoctar Louisville, KY I am from a clan of hillbillies in Eastern Kentucky. My family has a swath of land, called Bowen Farms, near Red River Gorge. As long as I can remember, the old cemetery on my family’s land has been called the “slave cemetery”. My Uncle has always kept up with [...]

From a white teenage girl’s perspective

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Victoria N. Fortson, GA My ancestors came to America just like many others. Just because I am white, does not mean my family “owned” “slaves”. When an African American girl says to me “you’re so lucky to have that hair” or “I would pay a lot for some of your hair”, it makes me mad. [...]

“I wish I had my n*****-shooter”

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Julian Riggs Smith Durham, NH Growing up in a little town in Louisiana during the Second Word War, I found nothing strange about the fact that my white grandparents often ate breakfast and lunch at the kitchen table kitchen with ‘Stell, their black cook, and John, her husband–and that John and ‘Stell never ate with [...]

Why me, I’m not a slave owner??

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Jo Pembroke, NC Why call me racist because im white and believe in traditional values… i feel its not fair I can help what people did before my time. if so shouldn’t black Americans hate Africans for selling them to European traders also??

Well, you weren’t a slave so…

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Brendon Milwaukee, WI I’ve heard this used in conversations and discussions around race and it is embarrassing. It completely discounts the persons position as if to say “you’re free now or I never owned a slave, why are you complaining?”.

Slaves yes, but an “M” in the census!

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Nancy Buell Tempe, AZ I expected to find slaves in my ancestors census records but I did not expect to find ” M”. Which meant the children were 1/2 white and there were 3 of them. Who was the father? It sure looked like it had to be the father or the sons, all my [...]

They make better slaves than citizens.

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John Littleton Deerfield, IL Blacks in America today are too far removed from slavery that any and all complaints and entitlements are irrelevant. Blacks are the biggest racists in America. They’re so smart, so brilliant, so special? As even The Economist pointed out, affirmative action must be abolished. If we’re all equal, there should be [...]

White Baby Boomer Low Wage Slave.

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Skyler Crane Oceanside, CA There is a small splash of African in my ancestry, never talked about, though obvious in physical traits of many of my relatives, Why I give my Race Card sentence is that born a baby boomer to low, very low, middle class WASP parents, i was not given or alerted to [...]

To forgive is not in me

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Gary Dunn Brooklyn, NY I find it extremely hard to forgive those who where responsible and benefited from the enslavement of us.I want to punish them the way they punished us. Make them strip naked, beat them, separate them from their families, deny them education, jobs,businesses. Make them feel inferior and back it all up [...]

There is only one race–human.

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Patricia Callahan Augusta, ME In memory of S.C., my BFF and grandson of a slave. He passed away unexpectedly 6/10/13, a young, vibrant 83 year-old. I would have called him today to say Happy Dr. King’s birthday. He would have said something like, “but the holiday is not until Monday.” I would have said, I [...]

My ancestor’s slave’s ancestor contacted me

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Richard Reed Watts Burke, VA As a boy, me and my brother would disappear upstairs at our grandparent’s house, exploring for hours everything we could get our hands on. It was dark and smelled old and dusty and it was wonderfully beautiful. I remember distinctly coming across the old fragile parchment that was a list [...]

Ancestor shame – free, slave, Black, White

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Lisa Roy Denver, CO I have done lots of genealogy research and DNA tests on my family. Most African Americans are mixed race. My great great great great great grandfather Thomas’s Buckingham was white and married a Black woman in the late 1700s. I am their descendant. Yet my family has a hard time accepting [...]

Every Race Has Been A Slave

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Jimmy Naughton Colorado Springs, CO Why does any race deserve restitution for their hardships? Every race has been enslaved, yet today’s discussions only ever focus on the Atlantic Slave Trade, i.e., the black slave. Hell, the Irish slaves were more plentiful in the English Empire, they were cheaper and treated far worse since they were [...]

Black folks: please forgive white ancestors!

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Linda Robinson Philadelphia, PA All of us are shaped by the culture and historical period in which we developed as children. That culture almost becomes a part of our DNA – it’s that imbedded in us. The white slave-traders of centuries ago in Africa were shaped by the cultural idea that dark-skinned peoples of Africa [...]

Topic: slavery. All eyes on Brooke

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Daniel Portland, OR I grew up in a working-class and ever-so-slightly diverse part of a very white city, but I the bus across town with two dozen others to school K-12. As I grow older I sometimes recall classroom memories that make my current self uncomfortable. In 7th grade social studies we discussed slavery, and [...]

What my southern mom taught me.

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Donna Lovelady Indianapolis, IN Born in the south in 1924, mom was the granddaughter of a slave owner. She saw blacks pushed to the back of the bus, unjustly convicted and forced to hide from whites. It broke her heart. She made sure to teach me that color doesn’t make anyone better or worse. One [...]