I unpack my white privilege daily.

Sarah Walton Nashville, TN I descend directly from southern slave-owners and, more recently, racists. My family’s wealth is built on the backs of over a thousand slaves. It is my karmic duty to be a social-justice & race-relations activist; to call for reparations; to march; to force as many friends & family to look through […]

We’re all the same, but different.

Cynthia Parra, Beaumont, TX. Through my profession, I have been given the opportunity to work with university students from marginalized groups and I have become a local social justice advocate. What I have learned is that everyone one wants to be be love, accepted, and not judged. We as individuals, just go about looking for […]

Class can make white privilege invisible.

Kayla Bernier-Sontag, Brattleboro, VT. Smith College I’m a student at Smith College and my six word story is about my observations in social justice education–the intersectionalities of class and race make it hard to explain the importance of white privilege.

How much more I gotta give?

Deria Matthews Germantown, MD The work of civil rights activists and social justice workers alike is exhausting, emotionally taxing and just takes a lot out of you. People have given their entire lives to this fight against racial oppression in America and I want to know how much longer until the country takes accountability and […]

Colorblind? How can you believe that?

Alec Malstrom Ann Arbor, MI I chose these words based on an interaction I had with a close friend who believed social justice work isn’t necessary anymore because racism doesn’t exist in our society. I was so taken aback that I didn’t even know how to respond to him. As I come to think about […]